Wednesday, June 29, 2011

History Lessons

Tekton doesn't only work on new construction projects, one of our current jobs is a restoration project on a building that is over 100 years old. The Kilby General Store Site in Harrison Mills, BC was built in 1906 and is currently operated as a museum by the Kilby Historic Society.

The building functioned as a general store and post office for most of it's existence and the museum is full of fascinating items accumulated throughout the building's history. You can also visit with the knowledgable museum staff dressed in period clothing.

Unfortunately, the exterior of the building is need of repair. The restoration work will include: replacement of the roof; removal and repair of the windows; repair of the front porch; and repair and paint of the siding.

Restoration is scheduled to begin in July and should be complete in a few months. However, the museum will remain open throughout construction so be sure to stop by and visit this wonderful piece of BC's history. In addition to the museum, they also operate a small restaurant, making it a great place for a Sunday drive and lunch.